Mesh Tokenomics

Mesh Protocol introduces a robust and innovative tokenomics model designed to support the growth, sustainability, and decentralization of our protocol. Our tokenomics framework revolves around our primary token $Mesh and two secondary tokens: $oMesh, and $indexMesh, each serving distinct roles within the ecosystem. This overview will delve into the allocation, utility, and strategic significance of these tokens, illustrating how they interlink to foster a vibrant and sustainable Mesh protocol ecosystem.

Key Components


The primary utility and governance token of Mesh Protocol. $MESH holders can participate in governance decisions, stake tokens for native $Sol rewards, and It is backed by Mesh Index Fund.

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A unique token designed to reward users for their contributions to the ecosystem. $oMesh can be converted into $Mesh + $indexMesh under specific conditions, offering flexibility and value to active participants.


This token represents an innovative approach to reward participants, backed by a diversified portfolio of assets in the Mesh Index Fund. It provides a stable investment option within the volatile DeFi landscape.

Our tokenomics are built on a foundation of transparency, fairness, sustainability and innovation. By integrating these principles into every aspect of Mesh Protocol, we aim to foster a thriving DeFi ecosystem that benefits all users, from traders and liquidity providers to holders and governance participants.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into each component of our tokenomics, exploring the functionalities, benefits, and strategic importance of $MESH, $oMesh, and $indexMESH tokens within the Mesh Protocol ecosystem.

Index Fund

Understand the foundational concept of Index Fund within Mesh Protocol that backs $MESH and $indexMESH, and how it supports the protocol's stability and growth.

The Mesh Index Fund

$oMesh Mechanism

Dive into the details of how $oMesh rewards engagement and participation, driving the ecosystem's vitality.

$oMesh Mechanism

Tokenomics Overview

A closer look at the token mechanics and flow, distribution, utility, and governance aspects of our tokens, outlining how they contribute to a sustainable and dynamic DeFi platform.

Tokenomics Overview

Explore the intricate design and strategic vision behind the Mesh Protocol tokenomics, setting new standards for economic models in the DeFi space.

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