User Guide

This user guide will walk you through the process of staking your $MESH and $indexMESH tokens to earn SOL rewards and participate in the governance of the Mesh Protocol.

Getting Started

Step 1: Accessing the Staking dApp

Step 2: Understanding the Dashboard

Upon login, you will see your dashboard displaying the following information: Staking APY%: Annual percentage yield earned by staking $MESH & $indexMESH.

This Month's Rewards: This month's rewards for staking $MESH and $indexMESH tokens.

Total Distributed Rewards: Cumulative rewards distributed for staking $MESH and $indexMESH tokens to date.

Tokens Weightage: Comparative weight of $MESH and $indexMESH tokens in the Mesh ecosystem in terms of rewards and governance.

Circulating Supply Locked: Percentage of $MESH and $indexMESH tokens currently staked out of the circulating supply.

Step 3: Staking Your Tokens

  1. Choosing the Amount to Stake:

  • In the staking section, you’ll find a dropdown to select the token you want to stake. Select one and you will see the balance available in your wallet that can be staked.

  • Enter the amount of $MESH or $indexMESH you wish to stake. You can also use the percentage buttons for quick selection.

  • The dApp will display the estimated rewards based on your staked amount.

  1. Initiating the Stake:

  • Once you’ve decided on the amount, click on the ‘Stake’ button to proceed.

  • Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction.

  1. Monitoring Your Staking:

  • After staking, you can monitor your staked tokens and estimated rewards in the dashboard.

  • Your staked tokens will show under the staking section.

  • Your accumulated SOL rewards will show in the rewards section along with a breakdown of which asset i.e. $MESH and $indexMESH generated how much reward.

  • Your staked tokens will now also contribute to your share in governance.

Step 4: Managing Your Stake

  • You can unstake your tokens at any time by navigating to the ‘Unstake’ section and entering the amount you wish to unstake. You can also use the percentage buttons for quick selection.

  • Confirm the action in your wallet to complete the process.

Step 5: Collecting Rewards

  • View your claimable rewards in the ‘Rewards’ section.

  • To collect your rewards, click on the ‘Collect Rewards’ button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  • Staking and Unstaking tokens will also claim accrued rewards.


  1. Can I stake both $MESH and $indexMESH? Yes, you can stake either or both tokens. The rewards and governance power will be calculated accordingly.

  2. What is the APY for staking? The APY depends on total staked tokens and the total rewards allocated for stakers from the protocol revenue.

  3. Is there a lock-up period for staking? There is no lock-up period for staking. Stakers can withdraw their tokens at any time and claim accrued rewards.

Note: Always ensure that you're on the official Mesh Protocol website and that your wallet is secure before interacting with the dApp. Never share your private keys or wallet phrase with anyone.

Please verify the details, such as APY rates, as they may change according to the protocol's governance decisions.

Happy staking!

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