The Mesh Index Fund

A Cornerstone of Stability and Growth

In the dynamic and often volatile world of DeFi, the Mesh Index Fund stands out as a beacon of stability and a vehicle for sustainable growth within the Mesh Protocol ecosystem. Designed with the long-term vision of the protocol in mind, the Mesh Index Fund is an innovative approach to value preservation and appreciation.

Concept and Purpose

Mesh Protocol will generate revenue from various precision trading and cutting-edge aggregation features like DCA, Limit Orders, and Liquidity Aggregation.

The Index Fund is a pool or a basket of assets that will accrue a percentage of Mesh Protocol's revenue, creating an intrinsic value for $Mesh and $indexMesh tokens. The Index Fund will grow as more revenue flows into it over time. $Mesh and $indexMesh holders can burn their tokens and access the underlying assets proportionally from their respective Index Fund.

Since the Index Fund grows over time, the price of assets/tokens that $Mesh and $indexMesh can be redeemed for also increases, acting as a backstop for these tokens' exchange price.

There will be two separate Index Funds backing each $Mesh and $indexMesh separately to ensure that the supply of one does not affect the other. The percentage of revenue flowing into each index fund will be decided via governance.

Example of Index Fund Growth and Token Redemption

Imagine the Index Fund's value per token stands at $1. This sets a foundational price level for $Mesh and $indexMesh tokens in the market. Should the market trading price dip below this threshold, it presents an arbitrage opportunity: traders can buy tokens at a lower market price and redeem them for the underlying assets in the Index Fund at a higher value. This mechanism acts as a natural price support, ensuring that the exchange price of $Mesh and $indexMesh remains above the real value of assets in the Index Fund.

Separate Index Funds for $Mesh and $indexMesh

To maintain the integrity and targeted support for each token, Mesh Protocol will establish two separate Index Funds: one backing $Mesh and another for $indexMesh. This separation ensures that the supply dynamics of one token do not adversely affect the other. Furthermore, the distribution of revenue into each fund will be meticulously governed by the community, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions that reflect the evolving needs and priorities of the protocol.

The Role of Governance in Revenue Allocation

The allocation of protocol revenue to each Index Fund is not static; it will be dynamically managed through community governance. This allows token holders to have a direct impact on the financial strategies of Mesh Protocol, aligning the growth of the Index Funds with the collective vision of our users. Decisions regarding the percentage of revenue allocated to each fund will be made with transparency and democratic participation, ensuring that the interests of all stakeholders are represented.

In summary, Mesh Protocol's Index Funds are more than just financial reserves; they are a testament to our commitment to transparency, community governance, and sustainable growth. By directly linking our revenue streams to the support of $Mesh and $indexMesh tokens, we not only provide a robust financial foundation for our tokens but also empower our holders with the means to influence and benefit from the protocol's success.

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